David R. Raleigh, MD, PhD

  Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology

  Principal Investigator, Department of Neurological Surgery Brain Tumor Center

  University of California San Francisco

  Clinical website



Dr. David Raleigh is an expert in the treatment and investigation of brain tumors. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California Berkeley, and his medical and doctoral degrees from the University of Chicago. Dr. Raleigh completed his residency training in Radiation Oncology at UCSF, and he trained as a postdoctoral scholar with Dr. Jeremy Reiter in the Department of Biochemistry at UCSF, with whom he continues to collaborate closely. He is a member of the faculty in the UCSF Department of Radiation Oncology where he is specialized in the treatment and investigation of central nervous system tumors in adult and pediatric patients. In the laboratory, Dr. Raleigh is a Principal Investigator in the UCSF Brain Tumor Center and uses mouse genetics, genomics, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology to study developmental pathways in cancer and identify novel targets for molecular therapy and patient stratification. 


Current Lab Members

Chetna Gopinath, PhD

UCSF Department of Radiation Oncology

Postdoctoral Scholar


Harish Vasudevan, MD, PhD

UCSF Department of Radiation Oncology Resident Physician

Developmental biologist and computational scientist


Stephen T. Magill, MD, PhD

UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery Resident Physician

Signaling biologist and geneticist


Sarah Findakly, MS

UCSF Department of Radiation Oncology

Assistant Specialist and Lab Manager


William Chen, BA

UCSF Medical Student

Clinical Scientist


Jared Hara, BA

University of Hawaii Medical Student

Clinical Scientist


Corinna Conroy, BS

UCSF Department of Radiation Oncology

Junior Specialist


Ashley Wu, BS

UCSF Department of Radiation Oncology

Clinical Research Coordinator



Former Lab Trainees

Pervinder Kaur Choksi

Assistant Specialist

Current position: UCSF TETRAD Graduate Student


Alexis Leigh Krup

Assistant Specialist

Current Position: UCSF Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student, National Science Foundation Scholar



Lab Family