Available Positions

The Raleigh laboratory places a premium on education, mentorship and training. Thus, graduate student positions are always available. Projects are individualized according to student's experiences and interests, and graduate students work side-by-side with Dr. Raleigh at the bench during their rotation. Potential projects include, but are not limited to, identification and characterization of genes involved in brain tumor pathogenesis, either using (i) biochemical and molecular techniques, (ii) informatic analysis of clinical and sequencing data from human samples, or (iii) a combination of all of the above. 


Position Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Positions Available: 1

Description: Postdoctoral fellowship positions are available, and highly motivated individuals with doctoral or medical training from broad scientific backgrounds are being recruited. Potential projects include identification and characterization of genes involved in rare brain tumors, meningioma, and Hedgehog-associated cancers; investigation of the biosynthesis and trafficking of ciliary lipids that activate the Hedgehog pathway; creation of clinical biomarker assays to stratify patients with medulloblastoma and meningioma; and development of molecular therapy for medulloblastoma and meningioma patients.

Application Information: Please send current CV and cover letter to Dr. Raleigh at david.raleigh@ucsf.edu.